How to verify Instagram account in 2024?


By Williams Robert

how to verify Instagram account

Instagram has developed detailed instructions on how each user can check and confirm their account and get the desired blue icon. Moreover, users can independently request this attractive feature and enjoy the result.

Today, more and more people are showing an active interest in account verification, realizing that this opportunity has become available for ordinary users, and not just for celebrities and popular profiles, as it was before. From August 28, 2018, each user can request confirmation directly from the Instagram system without involving third parties in this process. Therefore, in this article, we have collected all the necessary information that you need to read, and which will help you quickly and easily get a stylish blue icon near your user name.

Who can get an Instagram profile confirmation?

When Instagram gained momentum in its popularity, the receipt of such a chip as account verification was covered in secrecy. A blue check appeared where it wanted and when it wanted. There were no clear instructions on how to receive it.

Fortunately, now everything has changed and Instagram has provided clear criteria that must be met in order to submit the application correctly. Due to this, the process of checking the Instagram account has become more transparent, understandable and accessible. Now, each user can request confirmation of the Instagram account. However, this does not guarantee that all accounts will receive a blue badge. The fate of the profile will be decided by the internal moderators of the system, who will consider each application and make an informed decision.

Probably every user wants his or her Instagram account to receive the desired conformation. Despite this, it is worth understanding that for verification, an account must pass through a number of important parameters, which include the presence of a certain number of followers and coverage. In any case, those who did not receive the blue check should not be upset, but gather their strength and continue to increase their numbers, gaining social presence in order to qualify over time.

What is needed to verify your Instagram account?

Sending a request to confirm your Instagram account is not a difficult process and does not need special knowledge. However, before you follow the step-by-step instructions, you need to log into your account and make sure that this is the profile you want to confirm. This recommendation is relevant for users who have several accounts or they have access to corporate pages.

Instructions for account verification:

  1. Log into your account by clicking on the icon with the image of your profile located at the bottom right of the screen.
  2. In the upper right corner, you will see the menu icon, which is shown in the form of three horizontal bars arranged in a column. Click on it. A sliding panel will appear in front of you.
  3. From the provided panel, select the Settings icon in the lower right corner and click on it. Next, click on the Account parameter.
  4. On the page that opens, select Request Verification and tap it.
  5. You will see the application form in which you must enter all the specified data. First, enter your full name. If you want to verify a corporate account, enter the name of the person who will manage this profile.
  6. Next, click on the Choose File field to attach a photo of the document confirming your identity. These documents include a driver’s license, national identification card or passport. To confirm a business account, you can attach a photo of any official documentation (utility bill, tax return or memorandum of association).
  7. You need to open the camera and make a high-quality clear photo, or you can attach an image of a certification document from your photo gallery.
  8. After successfully completing all the fields, click on the Send blue button at the bottom of the screen. Your request to confirm your Instagram account will be sent for review.

Useful tips for obtaining a positive result on the verification of your Instagram account

On August 28 last year, Instagram gave all users the opportunity to make a direct request to confirm their account and receive a blue badge. Moreover, the company outlined the conditions that must be met in order for the application to receive a positive result. All standards and requirements have become public and accessible to all users. We have indicated the main ones. In more detail, you can find them in the help center of the company.

  1. Follow the rules. You will lose your chance to verify your account if Instagram moderators catch your page in violation of the Terms of Use or Community Guidelines.
  2. Be real. Your account must contain real photos, regardless of which type of accounts it belongs to. These can be like your personal photos (if you have a personalized account) or photos of the company, its teams and so on (if it is a business account or corporate page). Accounts containing motivational and parody images will not be considered as candidates for a verification badge.
  3. Be visible. Simple accounts cannot be confirmed, as this requires a high social activity. This means that the user or brand must be recognizable and popular, and must also have the support of other influential accounts, mentioned in reliable news sources. In this situation, paid or advertising content is not a useful parameter and is not considered during decision making.
  4. Make a request for only one of your accounts. Instagram rules stipulate that one user can have one confirmed account. The same goes for brands. In a global sense, of course, you can have several pages, but make a request to confirm them all directly, let them be left with nothing. The only exception to the company’s rules is the existence of language profiles of one corporation, for example, McDonald’s Denmark and McDonald’s Italy can claim verification of accounts and get a positive result since these are two different objects.
  5. Make sure your profile is fully configured. Your account must have filled out all the fields, including your biography and profile photo. Moreover, you must have at least one publication. Only then you can apply for verification.
  6. Keep a public account. Your page should be publicly available to all Instagram users. Otherwise, moderators will not be able to verify it and make a positive decision regarding your application.
  7. Do not make links to other social networks. If you left a link on other social networks in your profile, then you will not have to rely on success. Your request will be unambiguously denied.
  8. Be honest. When filling out an application, be sincere and enclose only truthful data, as “false or misleading information” will expose your account to unpleasant consequences, up to a lifetime ban.

Why verification of the Instagram account is so important?

For most Instagram users, getting a blue badge is tantamount to getting official recognition. Account verification looks very attractive and cool, demonstrating the importance of the page. This causes self-confidence and some kind of security. However, this is not the only reason to pay little attention to the verification process.

Three main reasons for applying for an Instagram account verification:

  • You affirm your realness. The blue icon beside the profile name is an indication that this particular account is real, highlighting it against many other fakes and imitators. You will not have to worry about losing new followers who may mistakenly subscribe to your duplicate. Your page will have official status, and everyone will know which page is the main.
  • You get universal acceptance. Obtaining a verification badge, you strengthen your value and confirm your reliability. News publications that mention your account are your guarantee of quality and relevance. Users accessing your profile through news stories will feel your sincerity, competence and status. In turn, this will contribute to enhancing your social presence, expanding the coverage and growth of traffic on your account.
  • You strengthen your position in the search feed. Blue check gives you priority. Thus, your account will be at the top of the search feed in terms that are related to your name. You will always remain in a winning situation, having an advantage over unverified pages.

Your actions, if you cannot go through the verification of your Instagram account

If you are faced with an unpleasant situation, which is to reject your application that you left several times, then do not despair. We are here to help you figure it out and find a new way.

In any case, it is always possible for you to submit a second application, waiting for your account or brand to become more popular and recognizable (assuming that the last time you made a request at least 30 days ago). You will have a much better chance of success if you manage to promote your page to such a level that you will see active fans and imitation pages. However, keep in mind that paid advertising will not help you get the desired blue icon since this type of gaining attractiveness and popularity is considered unacceptable.

The main task of obtaining verification is to confirm the authenticity of your account and prove that it is you, and not just a fan page. In this regard, you have the opportunity to take additional measures that will contribute to obtaining user appreciation:

  • Attach a link to your Instagram account on the website of the company where you work, and in your email signature.
  • Leave a link to your IG profile on other social networks (Twitter, Facebook, etc.).

Thus, you can achieve an increase in attendance of your account, increase traffic and improve social activity. Also, more users will be aware of your presence on the Instagram platform and will have contact with your current account.

Moreover, you need to work well on the style of your account – use the same filters, stick to the same tone of writing content, observe the frequency of new posts. As a supplement, you can develop and apply unique hashtags that reflect the essence of your business or somehow related to your occupation.

Proper use of all the above tips will help create a unique and instantly recognizable image of your page. Users will easily identify your publications and your account even if you don’t have a blue check.


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