Affordable ways to make money on YouTube 2024


By Williams Robert

You need to use all possible channels of contact with the client to get the maximum return from the project. Fortunately, the business on the Internet gives us a wide range of opportunities. Therefore, for those who are determined to take matters into their hands and are ready to do something to start making money in the virtual world, social networks, in particular, the popular YouTube website, is one of the best options.

If you choose the right approach, you can make good money on this social network, and also get the opportunity to become popular and show off your abilities and talents to the whole world. YouTube is the most frequently used site for viewing or downloading a variety of videos. Therefore, as soon as you decide on the theme and things that are related to your business, you will begin to get the desired result, in the form of a good profit.

How to monetize YouTube channel correctly?

YouTube has long ceased to be a simple hosting platform for posting videos. Millions of people now earn money on this website, making this kind of income the basis of their wealth.

YouTube is an attractive way to achieve goals such as earning money and capturing user attention. If you like this site, and it displays your ideas about an interesting and effective way to make money, then it is definitely worth your attention! Let’s check how well it suits you.

  1. Understand your channels AdSense

The main earnings on YouTube fall on advertising. Since advertising will be always and everywhere, you have to squeeze everything possible out of it. However, in order for advertisers to be interested in advertising their products and services in your videos, you must have good performance, which includes the number of subscribers (more than 1000) and watch-hours (more than 4000) for a certain period of time (most often for 1 year). If your channel does not have such results yet, this is not a problem. You can always pump your channel, especially if you are actively interested in trends and clearly define your target audience. With such knowledge, a great desire to achieve the goal and properly planned actions, your AdSense will be doomed to success, and you will be able to get the revenue you are dreaming of.

  1. Customize your sales funnel

For those who already have their own online business, regardless of whether it is located on other social networks or it is a website, YouTube will be a great way to improve performance and strengthen the sales funnel.

Just think, you will have a good opportunity to demonstrate the benefits of your product or services, to convey the main message of your business to users better, as well as create an opt-in with which you will directly communicate with your potential customers. After the viewer enters his or her e-mail address, you will be able to send emails, building trust relationships and offering your services directly.

Moreover, you can create attractive and interesting videos that will work as bait, luring viewers to visit your website or blog. Thus, you will increase your traffic, improve conversion speed and get higher monetization.

  1. Use affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing will help you achieve the desired success even faster. However, for everything to be the way you want, you need to talk about your product and service, show how it helped you, how your product can change life for the better, and so on. Fortunately, YouTube has all you need to make you look great but your main goal is – to be honest, and persuasive. Moreover, with the help of YouTube, you can get live reviews, answer questions and understand in which direction you should move and how you can improve your product.

Since videos provide more advantages for disclosing your product than text, your chances of success are higher. Do not be afraid to create original videos in the form of manuals, reviews, and specifications. Also, make sure you add an affiliate link to your video description text.

  1. Cooperate with brand sponsors

Brands work not only with bloggers, as many people imagine, but also with users who have proven themselves well. To begin with, you need to decide on brands with which you would be interested to cooperate, as well as with those whose products will be relevant to your target audience. Do not pursue fast popularity and popular brands, but give preference to those you trust and the products of which you use. This way you can create a really cool relationship that benefits both parties.

  1. Include community sponsors

It is possible to use community sponsors on the YouTube platform. This function is presented in the form of the “Sponsor” button, which was available only to some gaming channels, however, now even non-gaming channels can use it.

It works in such a way that your fans get the opportunity to become sponsors of your channel. In confirmation that they are sponsoring your channel, they get a little badge that appears next to their name when they leave a comment on your channel. You can also offer them special perks in the form of sponsor-only content.

You can quickly and easily check the availability of this feature on your channel using the following simple steps: go to the “Channel” section, then select “Status and Features” and click on “Sponsorships”.

  1. Collaborate with Amazon

Recently, Amazon has launched the Influencer program, which gives influential users of various social networks the opportunity to make money through Amazon recommendations. The system works in such a way that you apply through a social network that you use (it can be YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook), receive confirmation and can proceed to create your Amazon page with recommendations of products that you like. After that, you can copy the personalized link and share it on your social network account. As a bonus, influencers can embed this link in emails, which cannot be done by ordinary Amazon Associates. When your followers click on the link you specified and buy the products you recommend, you will receive a commission.

Not all people can use this program. However, you can always try your luck. Also, take into account: making a request via YouTube or Twitter account – you will get instant approval or rejection, and if you use Instagram or Facebook – your application will be checked manually and it will take some time.

  1. Take advantage of YouTube Red Subscribers

YouTube Red is a special service whose main task is to remove ads from video clips. As a YouTube content creator, you can receive a commission that will be based on how much time Red subscribers spend watching your videos. You can track this data through your Analytics.

Before you are happy that you will increase your profits, you should check your videos for the relevance, attractiveness, usefulness and availability of proper SEO in order to be sure that you will be able to gather a large audience and it will be returning to your videos again and again. However, besides this, you should take care that you have good indicators that are necessary to meet the basic requirements of monetization (1K subscribers and 4K watch hours for a period of 1 year).

  1. Sell branded merchandise

When your channel has reached the level that it is popular with many users, you can use it to your advantage. Thus, you will not only make your business more recognizable but also be able to make good money by selling branded merchandise, which you will promote with the help of your videos. This is a very good idea especially for those whose brand has something cool and fun to offer. You can make bulk orders for T-shirts, toys, mugs, caps and other things, and put your own logo or something fun related to your brand on them.

  1. Uncover the essence of your messages

When creating videos, be sure to pay special attention to the widest possible disclosure of information aimed at promoting sponsored and affiliate-compensated content. This will help attract more viewers and potential customers, and as a result – increase your profits.

Quick ways to meet YouTube monetization requirements

An interested audience is an important element of your success, especially on YouTube. To attract as many viewers as possible, you need to think carefully about content and SEO. Content should be useful, interesting and relevant. Therefore, if you manage to create an attractive video that will appeal to your audience, you will succeed well. Moreover, in order to achieve even better results, you should pay attention to SEO, which is based on using the most appropriate keywords, both in tags and in the description of your video. Of course, this will require your time and attention, but you will be satisfied with the final effect. You need to conduct a study of keywords that fit your content. Also, remember that Google owns YouTube, so the right keywords will help ensure your success on both the YouTube platform and Google.

The popularity of the video depends on their quality, as well as the profit depends on the views. Never make a video on a fast hand, do not try to satisfy the viewer with the bid numbers. People always prefer higher-quality content, quickly forgetting both the bad recordings and the channels on which they are posted. Therefore, to the creation of each material you must be approached responsibly:

  • think over the structure,
  • add effects,
  • do not neglect the captions,
  • have a clear recording plan.

In addition to this, you should encourage your viewers, motivating them to share your videos with friends and subscribe to your channel. Thus, you will be able to gather the target audience as soon as possible, as well as be sure that your subscribers really share your interests and they will receive notifications every time you publish a new video.

If you have a blog, you can tell about it in your videos by adding information taken from the blog. Moreover, you can share your videos on other social networks, attracting more attention to your business and taking more significant positions. Users will see your popularity and feel trust and lively interest in you and your business.

Awareness in the subject is the key to success

YouTube is a great place to experiment. Here you can test your wildest ideas. In all the monotony that prevails today on video hosting, it is quite possible to stand out and go to the top with original and non-standard content. Therefore, do not pursue popularity, but take your work creatively. Choose what you are interested in. It is not necessary to be an expert, but you need to have a desire to dive into the topic and find the necessary information.

Interest in video blogging should not be underestimated. Gaining a lot of views and subscribers is not very difficult. Really difficult thing is to keep the interest of the public. If you quickly lose interest in what you are doing, then you will not be able to regularly create content on the selected subject. Consistency is the key to a successful YouTube career. It is possible to gain thousands of subscribers on the hype, and then to lose them in a few months, failing to upload the content they need regularly.

What influences earnings on YouTube

You can immediately identify several main components of the parameters, which will affect the number of your earnings on YouTube:

  • Subject and number of videos
    Commercial advertisement can bring a good income, but, unfortunately, it has not so many views. Therefore, you need to make as many videos as possible. The more views your videos have, the more you earn. In addition, each of your new videos will give you an additional income from viewing it by your subscribers.
  • Promotion
    This method gives you the opportunity to increase the number of views of your video thanks to the promotion on the Internet and advertising in various services. In turn, this increases your profit.
  • Use different monetization tools
    Google provides us with them. There are several types of monetization tools. If all of them start to use, then ad revenue can grow at times.
  • Affiliate programs
    Google is the official YouTube video sharing partner. But besides this company, you can also cooperate with other private companies, which will only affect your earnings in a positive way.

Useful tips to help every YouTube beginner

  1. Focus on topics and strategy

You should start by deciding what you want to tell your future audience. The successful topic of the channel must meet three rules: it should be interesting to you, you should understand it, and it should be interesting to other people. If you are far from the principles of proper nutrition, it is unlikely that you will be able to captivate your potential audience by dedicating your channel to this topic, even though the topic of a healthy lifestyle is very popular now. Tell people how to invest money wisely, if you are well versed in the modern economy, or share your life hacks in applying makeup if you are able to create wonders with the help of cosmetic products. And, of course, you should think about whether the topic you choose will be interesting for the audience. It is beneficial to do, for example, reviews of popular video games or film premieres – this is always relevant, but with lectures on paleontology you are unlikely to succeed in becoming a blogger with an audience of several million people.

Also, keep in mind that professional bloggers are preparing a script even for two-minute videos. Some of them even paint a plan in seconds: what kind of frames and in what sequence should appear. This well-thought-out approach will also be useful if you want to create an interesting channel with high-quality content.

  1. Develop a content plan for video

You need to work a lot, inventing something creative, to make people be interested in your videos. To organize the work, you can follow the content plan. It may even be just a calendar of future publications.

To create a content plan, follow these rules:

  • analyze keywords and subject requests,
  • explore different query options,
  • leave time for video production and promotion,
  • upload video content

Also, take into account the timing. Now there is no consensus regarding the timing of the video. It used to be that the ideal video length was 3 minutes, but now many bloggers make videos that last an average of 10-15 minutes. Entertaining videos and answers to questions from the audience last a little more than 5 minutes, and vlogs (video diaries) and broadcasts sometimes exceed 20 or even 30 minutes.

  1. Spend time on SEO

SEO optimization plays an important role in providing as much user coverage as possible. Moreover, since YouTube is owned by Google, promoting your channel with the help of well-chosen keywords, you are improving your position not only on the YouTube platform but on Google too. This is a very nice bonus, which you should always remember and use it. Also, you should keep in mind that on YouTube, users are looking for new and interesting information and only a small percentage of people go to YouTube to view the content of a particular blogger, as often happens on Facebook and Twitter.

Time spent on research and selection of keywords will improve your results in general, and the knowledge gained will help to optimize your videos. With SEO you will discover a world of new opportunities and increase all your indicators, especially traffic.

  1. Be prepared for spam and criticism

Spam and so-called Trolls are an integral part of social networks, and YouTube is no exception. When launching your channel, you should understand that all users are different and besides your fans, you will come across Trolls, whose main goal is to criticize everyone with or without any reason. All you can do is to ignore such detractors. Of course, there is little enjoyment in this, but you must focus on your main goal and continue to reach it with confidence. While someone spends his or her time on angry comments, you are developing your channel and making money.

  1. Use cross-promotion

If, in addition to YouTube, you are developing your business in other social networks and/ or you have your website, remember that YouTube users cannot guess about this. You need to create as many intersection channels between all your content as possible. Most often this is done with the help of links that connect all the resources you use to develop your business. Remember, if you don’t remind about yourself, everyone will forget about you, so it’s in your best interest to increase traffic and expand the range of user attention.

  1. Keep calm and go forth

Most users get the impression that all bloggers are self-confident and they have no fear of the camera. However, this is not true, because behind the perfect video is a person who previously worked well on him(her)self. In the end, we are all human, and nervous is normal.

If you are unable to record video from one take – do not rush to get upset. You can always master the program for editing video and create a real masterpiece. Even if you think overall the details well and everything will go according to plan, no one is immune from some ridiculous situations, for example, your pet may suddenly appear in the frame or your phone will ring. In this case, you can always pause the recording and continue shooting a little later, and then fix all the shortcomings with the help of the program. As you can see, everything is not so scary and critical.

  1. Monetize your channel

Google has a special department called Google AdSense. Its task is to interact on the part of finance with all partners who earn from advertising. These are owners of sites, applications that advertise on their resources, and you, with your YouTube channel, will also certainly join this company of partners.

With AdSense, everything is quite simple – you need to register and add your channel (it’s better to follow the recommendations of YouTube itself, it will be easier). However, consider one important point – AdSense will pay your earnings only after you receive a letter with a code from it and enter it on their website. The letter will come in a physical mailbox, not by e-mail (for some it takes 2 months). Therefore, enter valid data during registration. There are two options to receive the earned money on YouTube through AdSense: on dollar-account opened with a bank or through the Rapid payment system. The minimum AdSense payout amount is $100.

  1. Use the right tools

When starting a blog, you need to know where and who you can turn to for help. This knowledge will help you save a lot of time and not conduct unnecessary tests. Why invent something when everything is ready and you can only use effective solutions, adjusting them to your content type.

Editing software

Not all users are well versed in editing software. However, there is nothing terrible in this, because now there are many resources that provide excellent goods. Find the one you like, but don’t be in a hurry to make a purchase, just start by trying the free version and make sure that you are really comfortable working with certain software.

YouTube optimization

There is a lot of information about analytics and optimization on the Internet, so an introduction to the course of business will not take you more than a couple of hours. Moreover, you just want to immerse yourself in the subject, and not to become a guru (although even in this case, all the possibilities are open to you).

First of all, you need to understand the key indicators that include audience retention, completion rate, and watch time. For this, you can use TubeBuddy, which is a wealth of useful information about keywords, effective search engine optimization practices, and so on. With TubeBuddy, you can quickly and easily optimize existing videos, upload them to several social networks at once, explore keywords in various ways, etc. This is really a very useful and practical tool that will greatly facilitate your life.

Captioning service

Find a suitable captioning service that will save you time and help you make a truly high-quality product. There are a lot of such services – you only need to find your perfect one.

  1. Take advantage of batch processing

Creating high-quality visual content is a very time-consuming and long-term occupation, from which you cannot escape anywhere if you want to get a really interesting product at the output. However, even in this case, you can approach the situation with a trick. In order not to dissolve in an endless process, you can create several videos at once. This will be the most rational use of time since you will be doing all the steps only once, but a little longer than if you worked with one video.

Choose the most optimal number of videos that you can master (usually these are 3-4 videos). Having decided on the number of videos, make a comprehensive study of keywords, create schemes for their use, come up with interesting names, write attractive descriptions and tags, and take to the shooting. When the videos are ready – process them all at once. Also, do not forget about enticing content for other social networks in which you can advertise your creation. As you can see, not everything is as difficult as it seems at first glance. After the videos are fully ready for publication, you can make a download plan, most often it is monthly (for example, 1 video per week).

This type of processing makes it possible to use YouTube consistency entirely. All systems give preference to frequently updated resources, especially when they are displayed in search results. Google works on the same principles, so YouTube channels with the preservation of the publication of new material are the priority when displaying results. Thus, using batch processing helps not only to save time and energy but also to get excellent results.

The role of equipment in success

If you are sure that blogging will become your permanent occupation, then you definitely need to invest in good equipment. However, this does not mean that you should buy a professional camera for shooting an American blockbuster. For the start, get a simple camera with good video quality, a nice microphone for recording and lighting (if you need one).

Video and audio quality is your everything. Even if you make a cool video, but there will be trouble with the sound – everything is lost, because the audience will not lose it and you will definitely find several Trolls who will express their opinion in the most unpleasant form. Therefore, in order to avoid such unpleasant situations, it is better to take care of this in advance and minimize all problematic issues.

In any case, no matter what equipment you would use, the most important thing is your desire and original ideas. Actual and useful content will always pass the criticism of the public, and you will always have time to update your equipment.

If YouTube isn’t your jam and you’re more into Instagram, then you might want to head over to GettingGrowth’s blog by Johannes Kanter and check out the guide on making money on Instagram.



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