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Stormlikes Overview

Stormlikes is an English-speaking company, founded in 2009 in the Stockholm, Sweden, and specializes only in providing services for Instagram. The company declares that it uses only real accounts while sending the proposed social signals and also ensures the fastest possible processing and sending of orders to work.

Since the company deals only with services for Instagram, they are rightly a narrowly focused provider and build more trust among potential customers, as they can guarantee high quality. Also, the user will be able to choose a package of services that best fits the desired parameters. It does not take a lot of time, as the company’s website is very simple and intuitive to use, and also has a convenient order form.

Stormlikes offers only two services – likes and auto likes, which are designed for one-time use or a monthly subscription. Moreover, on the site you can use the free trial version (50 likes), to evaluate the performance of the system, the speed of delivery and the quality of the service. For further information use the button below and go to the company’s main website.

Stormlikes Offers & Pricing

Stormlikes boasts only social signals in the form of likes, which can be formed as a package of services for a one-time purchase or as a monthly subscription (the so-called auto likes). In any case, you get a good and attractive offer, which you can use to significantly improve your visual indicators of popularity.

Since the company provides only one services, it has taken care of the package that will suit users with even the smallest budget. To select the package, you need to use a special horizontal scroll, which shows the ratio of quantity and price. For your convenience, we have formed a table that displays the number of social signals and their prices, below, so that you can clearly see what you will get.

LikesActual price
100 likes$1.49
250 likes$2.49
500 likes$4.49
750 likes$6.79
1000 likes$8.39
1500 likes$12.39
2000 likes$16.79
2500 likes$19.79
5000 likes$29.99
7500 likes$36.99
10000 likes$45.99
15000 likes$64.99
20000 likes$84.99
25000 likes$104.99
30000 likes$119.99
40000 likes$159.99
50000 likes$179.99


Auto LikesActual price
100 auto likes$14.99
250 auto likes$19.99
500 auto likes$34.99
750 auto likes$49.99
1000 auto likes$64.99
1500 auto likes$89.99
2000 auto likes$119.99
2500 auto likes$149.99
5000 auto likes$279.99
7500 auto likes$349.99
10000 auto likes$479.99
15000 auto likes$689.99
20000 auto likes$899.99
25000 auto likes$1099.99
30000 auto likes$1309.99
40000 auto likes$1649.99
50000 auto likes$1899.99

Stormlikes’ pricing is very affordable, and the user can buy from 100-2500 likes, or even order a subscription for 100-250 auto likes, on a budget of only $15-$20. Stormlikes does not offer discounts to its customers; however, as you may have noticed, the bigger the package you buy – the less it costs you. Thus, the company created a cascade of discounts by default, motivating users to order larger packages.

About Stormlikes

Stormlikes is an Sweden company that has been successfully involved in providing basic services, such as likes, for Instagram for more than 10 years. The company annually analyzes the results of its activities and tries to improve and perfect its system in order to expand its customer base, increase user confidence and strengthen its ratings.

The team of professionals working at Stormlikes does everything possible to best satisfy both its regular and new customers. Therefore, regardless of the type of profile – whether it is a personal or business account – the user can rely receiving understanding, high loyalty and relevant assistance.

Stormlikes uses secure methods to promote Instagram accounts and also guarantees quick order processing and declares that the user will start receiving the purchased service within 5 seconds after successful payment.

Stormlikes Services Quality

To understand how Stormlikes statements about the quality of their services correspond to reality, we conducted a thorough analysis of all the components of the sending stages and the quality of the social signals themselves. For this, we ordered 1000 likes and 250 auto likes.

We started to receive likes half an hour after payment. In this case, Stormlikes exaggerated the speed of order processing; nevertheless, this is a very good result compared to competing companies. The only thing that confused us a bit was the number of sent social signals and the speed of their arrival. We expected that they would arrive gradually, in small amounts, for several hours. If it happened in this way, then everything would look very realistic and natural. In our case, everything was the opposite – all ordered likes came within 5 minutes with a difference of a couple of seconds. Such high activity might seem suspicious to the Instagram system, which could, as a result, block us. Perhaps we were saved because of our decision to divide the package among 20 publications (this is the maximum number) and we went unnoticed. Therefore, when ordering large packages, be very careful not to get into an unpleasant situation. The same story happened with auto likes, because the service also came very quickly and apart from turning it off, we could not do anything.

The quality of social signals, unfortunately, did not meet our expectations, because every 5-6 accounts from which likes came were empty or fake. Moreover, we noticed that the bulk of the likes ordered were sent from users of Arabic and Hindu origin, which would be suspicious to your potential followers and customers if you are not the same nationality.

Stormlikes Customer Support

Customer service also plays an important role in comfortable cooperation with the company, so we paid special attention to this item and checked Stormlikes for the following elements:

Online chatYES
Feedback formYES
FAQ / knowledge base+
Speed of response to requests≈ 24 hours

The FAQ section is built in the form of small articles, containing detailed answers to frequently asked questions. They also include helpful recommendations for different situations that a client may have. We rate this component on 5 out of 5, since after reading the information provided, we were able to determine the choice of package and place an order without additional questions.

Stormlikes makes sure that users are able to leave feedback about the company without any problems. Also, the user can contact customer support using chat or the application form.

Due to the fact that we were not completely satisfied with the speed of delivery of the ordered social signals, we contacted support to help us with the necessary settings and slightly stretch the period of time of likes arriving. We used two communication channels and concluded that chat works more efficiently, since we received a response after 6 hours, while the application form was answered after 17 hours. The support service was very polite; but unfortunately, we did not receive a solution to our problem, as they explained to us that now the company is actively working on this issue and perhaps in the near future they will be able to provide a service for adjusting the rate of delivery.


Stormlikes Pros & Cons

Stormlikes, like all companies, has a number of pluses and minuses, which we noted during various tests. So that you can briefly understand what the company is worth, and what problems you may encounter using it, we created a list of pros and cons.


  • Wide range of packages
  • Well-designed site navigation
  • Convenient and secure payment methods
  • Full confidentiality
  • Reliable data protection
  • Availability of trial version
  • High loyalty to customers


  • Lack of an individual order formation procedure
  • Small selection of basic services
  • Speed of sending the ordered service is too fast
  • Low quality of social signals

Thus, Stormlikes is perfect for those who want a quick increase in activity on their account and don’t particularly focus on the quality of services. This company will provide you with the necessary number of likes and auto likes in the shortest possible time and will do everything possible so that you enjoy the received service.


6 Users Reviews
  1. Yash




  2. Samantha



    I used a free service to check the quality and speed of work. The speed is simply cosmic, but the quality is disappointing (12 out of 56 were empty accounts). I made paid order, hoping to get better results, but unfortunately, the story repeated. Only fast delivery made me happy!

  3. Miguel



    Ordered likes came very fast! But I thought their quality would be better. 🙁

  4. Victoria



    I’m very pleased with auto likes service – bought once and forgot, and all my new publications just get auto likes!

  5. Ada



    Reasonable prices and fast shipping! The guys from the support service helped me find the right package and answered all my questions. Now I’m their regular customer! 🙂

  6. Oliver



    I turned to this site when it was necessary to buy likes in a short time. Quickly placed an order and received the service within 30 minutes.

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