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SocialCaptain Overview

SocialCaptain represents a reliable online service that can aid any Instagram account to receive the well-deserved visibility on this social media platform. You can receive real followers, likes or comments with the aid of their automated targeted marketing tools. The team of professionals at SocialCaptain has years of experience concerning Instagram promotional strategies, and online tools development for boosting Instagram accounts’ visibility.

SocialCaptain Offers & Pricing

There are several packages available at SocialCaptain, all of which specially tailored to target one or all Instagram features. Still, what makes this service different from others, is the fact that they offer real, trustworthy results. Customer testimonials show that they received exactly what they’ve paid for, while there was no fake activity alert on their end.

SocialCaptain is all about transparency, which is why there are no hidden fees in their policy. You can simply try their free trial, for which you are not prompted to submit your credit card information. Afterward, if you are satisfied with the service, you can opt for one of the packages that come with flexible pricing.


Monthly packages:

What you will receive:

Actual price:
7 daysIt provides organic, and targeted growth for your Instagram account, along with smart automation, live analytics, and real-time results.$15
30 daysIt is similar to the previous one, but it is more advantageous in terms of pricing.$39
TurboIt provides supercharge growth, meaning you will receive 10x more followers, or engagement, along with AI-optimization, smart growth and dedicated support.$99


Annual packages:

What you will receive:

Actual price:
GrowthThis package provides smart automation, real-time results, and live analytics.$349 ($29/month)
TurboIt offers to supercharge growth, 10x times more followers or engagement, along with AI-Optimization, smart growth and dedicated support.$690 ($58/month)


About SocialCaptain

SocialCaptain offers to its customers a fully customized service meant to offer automation setting for targeting a specific audience. It is one of the first services that make use of artificial-boosting modules to better the delivery of the packages bought with them.

Overall, SocialCaptain is perceived as a reliable provider, as several customer testimonials stand proof for their claims. The real-time results allow easy tracking for an account’s progress, which is why users agree this is the most transparent service you can access nowadays. Besides, their pricing is competitive, and we can say for sure you won’t find anywhere else the same costs for the wide array of services received.

SocialCaptain Services Quality

Of course, prior to writing this review, we took the time to test the services offered at SocialCaptain. With the free trial, you get the chance of testing all features of automation, which we can say is a big plus. It allows you to determine which will work best for your accounts niche. Also, we’ve checked the followers we gained for our account, and to our surprise, they indeed came from real, reliable accounts. We recommend you try one of the `Turbo` packages, as it is outstanding in terms of smart growth. Our account experienced a whooping growth as soon as we enrolled in the trial.

SocialCaptain Pros & Cons


  • Free sign up and easy access to the free trial, without the need of submitting a payment method or agreeing to any type of commitment.
  • Easy way to select your Instagram audience, as you are allowed to identify the hashtags, locations or anything else you might want to target.
  • Fast access to a personal Instagram assistant, which will provide automatic growth.
  • The AI-powered growth module is outstanding and performs 150x times better than it is the case with manual interaction.
  • The well-designed platform that comes with a user-friendly interface.
  • Easy to select the type of growth you desire for your account, as you can opt for wither vertical or smart growth.


  • You can only choose between a 7-days or 30-days package, while direct competitors have in place smaller packages for as little as three days.
  • Even though it is advertised as an instant service, it might take some time to see some results. This is usually a result of your account’s location and target particularities.

Who should use SocialCaptain?

SocialCaptain is a great service for those who aim to increase traffic for a new Instagram account, but not only. It can be efficient for older accounts, too, as it allows you to choose from distinct particularities that will boost your Followers pool, along with likes or engagement. Mostly, it is a great service for both smaller and larger businesses, as it offers organic growth for an improved brand image.

SocialCaptain Customer Support

Online chat5 stars. Online chat is easily reachable, and you get a response promptly. Besides, the interaction seems so friendly, that you are not stressed about asking anything you might need an answer to.
 Help Center5 stars. The Help Center is one of the most amazing things we’ve stumbled upon. The wide array of information available is structured depending on the topic, which makes it rather simple to identify a solution to your problem.
FAQ/knowledge base4 stars. Their FAQ section was a bit tricky to identify. But anyway, it is also well researched and helpful for accessing additional information about the service, referral program, safety concerns and many more.
Speed of response to requests5 stars. Customer support is available 24/7. You can reach it directly from the main menu, which will prompt the appearance of a helpful chatbox.
5 Users Reviews
  1. Sebastian



    I simply adore the `Turbo` packages. It is something I never seen with similar services, and the AI-Optimization does wonder for any type of Instagram account. I am so satisfied with this, that I will definitely come back for more.

  2. Logan



    My brand has to tackle constantly aggressive competition. Thus, I was pleased when I stumbled upon SocialCaptain. It allowed me to surpass my competitors in less than a week, which was a huge relief for me.

  3. David



    I received exactly what I paid for, and I’m quite pleased that they have a 7-days package. I can freely manage when I want a little extra help for my Instagram account, without being forced to commit to a long-term package.

  4. Shannon



    After I discovered SocialCaptain I felt like all my problems were solved. As soon as my business was registered, I struggled to create a reliable Instagram account. Soon, I discovered I lack the skills needed to increase my Followers number. So, I used the SocialCaptain trial. I was amazed about how fast my account started to grow, so I purchased the 7-days package.

  5. Cristine



    My business niche attracts attention on social media on its own. By I felt it needs a little push, as it can achieve even more with a great Followers database. After using the trial provided by this service, I was amazed about how much traffic I got on my account. So, I opted for one of the `Turbo` packages, and I can tell you for sure this is what every business need in terms of online marketing.

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