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SocialBoss Overview

Instagram is a social media platform that has blown up all over the world. It hosts hundreds of millions of users that are active. So, if you are looking to promote your business, Instagram is possibly the best site for it. Utilizing Instagram can allow you to gain more leads and customers for your business. And most notably, you can effortlessly adjust everything to suit your individual needs.

Many business owners and brands turn to services like SocialBoss to help them boost their Instagram page and drive the right kind of attention.  Whether it’s for brand recognition, to attract paid sponsors or to just get your business in front of more people, companies like SocialBoss promise to enhance your profiles on platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Tik Tok and more.

So, let’s delve into the ins and outs of SocialBoss, and find out what they are really about. Are they a social media marketing business worthy of your precious time and money… or are they a scam like so many others?

What is SocialBoss?

In Short terms, they are a social media management business created on the notion of growing businesses or non-profits via social media. They also provide social media marketing consulting to businesses and brands.

SocialBoss Offers & Pricing

SocialBoss offers …

FollowersActual price
100 followers$2.39
500 followers$4.49
1000 followers$7.19
2500 followers$15.59
5000 followers$31.59
10,000 followers$53.19
25,000 followers$151.19
50,000 followers$239.99
LikesActual price
100 likes$1.59
250 likes$2.39
500 likes$3.99
1000 likes$6.39
2500 likes$10.39
5000 likes$12.39
10,000 likes$27.19
25,000 likes$52.79
50,000 likes$79.99
100,000 likes$151.99
ViewsActual price
100 views$.99
1000 views$2.99
5000 views$9.99
10,000 views$17.99
15,000 views$25.49
25,000 views$39.99
50,000 views$65.99
100,000 views$89.99

About SocialBoss

Who Are the People Behind SocialBoss?

SocialBoss claims to be a team of experts, who have worked for many years in promoting social networks. They service clients who are both individuals and businesses.

SocialBoss works with a one on one approach with each client. they evaluate each profile and order to decide which service is the most suitable option for each purchase. SocialBoss also takes into account all details related to the account that will be receiving services, things like specific targeting and the primary audience.

They guarantee quick and natural looking results. This is to avoid Instagram banning your profile for cheating or wiping out all the fake likes and activity. Either way, a more natural approach is the way to go in order to avoid having your page punished.


How SocialBoss Works

First, you Choose the Service Package you are interested in. Pick whichever package is more suitable for the results you wish to get. There your different packages and fees, all provided in a list cover different services over different social media platforms.

Next, you Provide SocialBoss with specific Details for your Order. This will be on the payment page. You can fill in any vital data or information before you pay for the order. They accept credit/debit card payments.

Lastly, Your Order is sent for work. Once all payments are received, SocialBoss sends your order to be completed. Delivery generally can take anywhere from 1 and 3 days to be completed.

SocialBoss's Services Quality

The SocialBoss website promises Privacy & Discretion. They guarantee the confidentiality of your personal information and all account details by default.  SocialBoss ensures its users with a 100% Risk-Free Guarantee. Your account should be protected from all risk because they use Smart Delivery Technologies.

SocialBoss also offers its customers 24/7 Support. So, you would have the comfort of knowing that you could contact them any time of day with any concern. The SocialBoss Service Guarantee is two weeks long.

The delivery timeframe for the service packages are individual to each respective package. You can check the package description for delivery times. We all know things happen so if your package or service is not delivered inside of the stated time, it’s best to contact 24/7 Support to resolve any issues.

Quality of Services Provided

SocialBoss promises to provide exceptional, high-quality services to all of its customers. They work to deliver amazing results and deliver exactly what each package description says.

System Safety

SocialBoss claims that their system is entirely safe for all client accounts. A special AI algorithm is developed for each social network. It determines the optimal number of activities that can be delivered to the selected accounts. Thanks to this system, our platform is totally reliable and secure.

SocialBoss's Customer Support

Online chatNO
Feedback formYES
FAQ/knowledge base+
Speed of response to requests≈ 10 hours

SocialBoss's Pros & Cons

No matter how it seems, has its pros and cons. Whether the cons outweigh the pros or vice versa can help in deciding if working with SocialBoss is a good idea or not.


  • Most reviews and comments about service have been positive
  • They provide 24/7 Customer Support
  • They deliver services to completion within 24 to 72 hours
  • There is a section for help and FAQ;
  • There’s variety in their services, and this means that getting your specific need is not impossible;
  • Provide promotional services for many social media
  • Superficially, it provides a feeling of legitimacy and popularity as a high amount of Instagram likes and follows is the benchmark for joining the league of Instagram elites.


  • Strict refund policy
  • It’s not clear if this site uses bot technology or not
  • It is not clear how they deliver likes, follows, or views.

SocialBoss is appearing to be a legitimate company. As a social media marketing business, they lay everything upfront. Refunds available only if delivery wasn’t completed or delivered product does not match the description. Their website clearly states terms, fees and what they will do. However, the site itself seems promising. But what are customers saying about SocialBoss?

6 Users Reviews
  1. Kobe



    Might be legit

  2. Darrel



    I think going in I expected too much. I would not recommend buying followers through this company. It was very obvious that the follower profiles were fake. Instagram has strict regulations. Don’t run the risk of getting banned!

  3. Hank



    Disappointed with the service. The followers are bots like it’s just plain obvious and as if that’s not bad enough, the followers I bought started to unfollow me a few days later. Support Team provided a refill, but I’m still scared they unfollow me in couple days again.

  4. Mike



    Honestly, I’m not sure if I made the right investment. My followers went up and then a few days went down. But I did get the likes I order. There is some give and take here. I think I want to give it some time to see how it really does.

  5. Jessica



    I wasn’t sure at first about buying views and likes, but SocialBoss proved to be what it said it was. They delivered in the time frame the website stated. So far so good. I’m happy with my order.

  6. Jacob Polk



    SocialBoss did the trick. We are an up and coming company, and SocialBoss helped us get our Instagram profile off the ground floor! They delivered what they said they would! My likes jumped from 100 to 10,000 as they promised. I can’t complain. I would definitely recommend

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