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Mr.Insta Overview

Mr.Insta is an American company that provides a wide range of services for such popular social networks like Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, TikTok, YouTube, Spotify, and SoundCloud. Here you will find both basic services (followers, likes and views), as well as auxiliary suggestions (comments, automatic likes, automatic followers, etc.), which will help to comprehensively promote your account while saving you time and effort.

This company pays more attention to services for Instagram, so a number of proposals for this social network are much more diverse and interesting. Thanks to this specialization, the client gets the opportunity to choose not only the number of necessary services, but they can also specify which followers are needed from which country (USA, India) and gender (men or women). Also, the user can choose from whom to get likes – from men or from women. However, the above services are premium and cost accordingly.

Mr.Insta is engaged in the promotion of any account, regardless of whether it is personal or created for business purposes. In any case, the client will be able to find something suitable for their budget, as the company has made sure that everyone will get the opportunity to use its services. For more detailed information on Mr.Insta offers, you can go to the main site using the button below.

Mr.Insta Ofers & Pricing

Mr.Insta provides its customers with both basic and specialized services, the number of which starts from 250 to 20,000 followers, from 100 to 50,000 likes, and from 100 to 100,000 views. In the case of premium services, you can buy not only other offers in the quantity you need, but also order ready-made packages that provide comprehensive promotion of your profile, including a certain number of followers, as well as likes, views and comments that you can distribute among several publications (from 1 to 10 of your choice, if the package allows it because some of them give the opportunity to distribute only between 5 posts).

Below, we have formed a table that displays the ratio of quantity and price. As you may have already noticed, the more followers, likes and views you order, the cheaper they will cost you, as the price decreases exponentially.

FollowersActual price
250 followers$7
500 followers$13
1,000 followers$19
2,000 followers$25
5,000 followers$59
10,000 followers$89
20,000 followers$169


LikesActual price
100 likes$6
200 likes$9
500 likes$14
1,000 likes$25
2,000 likes$39
5,000 likes$59
10,000 likes$89
20,000 likes$129
50,000 likes$179


ViewsActual price
100 views$3
500 views$7
1000 views$12
2500 views$17
5000 views$29
10000 views$49
20000 views$79
50000 views$129
100000 views$199


Mr.Insta did a good job at compiling ready-made packages and comprehensive promotion of the account, so each client will be able to satisfy all needs in accordance with the possibilities. However, in comparison with other companies, Mr.Insta has a more expensive pricing policy, which is very striking. But in any case, prices are still available to most users.

About Mr.Insta

Mr.Insta was established in 2013 and continues to operate successfully to this day, gradually improving its work and adding new services. The company provides services not only for Instagram, but it also offers its customers an opportunity to take advantage to boost their Facebook, Pinterest, TikTok, YouTube, Spotify, and SoundCloud profiles.

The main feature of Mr.Insta is the free feature of Instagram likes and followers, so users can get acquainted with the quality of services, as well as understand how the system works. This is a very convenient, practical and attractive offer that not every company can boast. Therefore, Mr.Insta has a significant advantage against the background of its competitors, and it gives the company more credibility.

Moreover, Mr.Insta is one of the few companies that provides clients with packages consisting of several services with which you can promote your account in several ways at once. Such packages can be bought in just a couple of clicks, so the client will be able to save time on the purchase of each service separately.

Mr.Insta Services Quality

Quality of service is one of the main parameters of successful account promotion; therefore, we carefully checked basic services so you could form some idea about this company. For this, we ordered 500 followers, likes, and views.

The first followers began to arrive within 2-3 hours after the registration of the application, while the likes and views came in 1 hour. The speed of all services was average, that is, everything came in small portions and looked very natural. By the end of the day, we received all the ordered services in full. So, it is worth noting that the campaign really adheres to its statements.

Nevertheless, we also noticed that the quality of services wants to be better since among all the packages we ordered, there were a lot of fake and bot accounts. This was a bit disappointing, as the company has an average pricing policy and it seemed that the quality should be much higher than competing companies with lower prices. Moreover, we encountered a large number of unsubscribes a couple of days after the completion of the service. A week later, we lost about 12-15% of subscribers. We read reviews from other users in various forums, and unfortunately, our case was not the only one.

Mr.Insta Customer Support

The support service also plays an important role in effective and highly productive cooperation with the company, since it depends on how quickly you can solve a problem or clarify the necessary information in order to continue your actions. Therefore, we tested the following parameters:

Online chatNO
Feedback formYES
FAQ / knowledge base+
Speed of response to requests≈ 24 hours

The FAQ section contains all the necessary information, as well as answers to the most common questions. We had enough information provided in this section, and we were able to place an order without further clarification. Of course, if you have a desire to create an individual order, you will not be able to do it yourself, and you will need to contact customer support.

We were able to test the support service more thoroughly after receiving the order because we wanted to know what we should do in our case of a large number of unsubscribes. We received the answer only after 10 hours, although there were rather generalized phrases and no specifics. Later, we called the available support phone number, and we were able to solve our problem more quickly. As a result, we received a discount on the next order. This is not exactly what we expected, but in any case, it was better than nothing.

Mr.Insta Pros & Cons

Mr.Insta boasts unique offers and the availability of free trails that make the company more visible among competitors. Also, Mr.Insta distinguishes itself by fast processing and bringing orders to work. Below, you can see the main advantages and disadvantages that we were able to note.


  • a wide range of services for various popular social networks
  • the presence of a complete package with different services that can be bought in a couple of clicks
  • free trial version for preliminary quality assessment
  • fast order delivery after payment
  • the ability to choose the country and gender of followers
  • convenient and secure payment methods


  • high prices compared to competitors
  • low-quality services – too many bot accounts
  • nonactual technologies
  • no retention policy

Summing up, Mr.Insta is a reliable company that will take care of all the whims of its customers and will do everything for you to receive your order as soon as possible. So, if you want to comprehensively promote your account, then Mr.Insta is one of the best options.


5 Users Reviews
  1. Stella



    I’ve recently started using Mr.Insta, but I want to note that the guys do their job well – they send the order very quickly, within the first couple of hours after payment. No complaints. I’m very satisfied.

  2. Karter



    I really wanted to promote my Instagram account, but I did not succeed – free tips didn’t give the desired result. I don’t know what I would do if I hadn’t met Mr.Insta. I read about this site on one of the forums; there were many positive reviews, and I decided to try. I was even more delighted when I saw they offer free followers and likes. Now I’m their regular customer.

  3. Chloe



    I made and noticed that after I received the entire package, some of the followers fell off after a couple of weeks. I thought it was some kind of glitch and Mr.Insta would compensate me for lost followers, but instead, they gave me a good discount and I ordered a second time. Unfortunately, the problem repeated.

  4. Iris



    Fast delivery and relatively reasonable prices. True, quality of services does not match their price. I was a little disappointed since the bot followers can be obtained for free.

  5. Robert



    I was attracted by the opportunity to order free followers and likes – not all companies give this offer. I’m happy with everything. I’m thinking of making a paid order, but the prices bite a little.

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