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Instazood Overview

Instazood is a unique Instagram solution created to aid you to boost your account’s performance. You can buy followers, comments, or story views, all of which are meant to increase your business’ visibility on social media.

Instazood is an efficient automation tool that can run 24/7 to raise an Instagram account activity no matter the time of the day. And the beauty of this service is the fact that it is backed up by a team of professionals with several years of experience and expertise in the area of bettering Instagram accounts. Let’s see up next all the insights you need to know about Instazood.

Offers &Instazood Pricing

Instazood offers a free three days’ trial for either Instagram likes or video views. In this timeframe, you can experience the benefits of this Instagram solution and receive for your account qualitative Instagram likes or video views, fast delivery, and secure connections while using it. Afterwards, if you are convinced about the efficacy of this tool, you can opt for one of the following packages:


1-month Instagram BotActual price: $14.99
What you will receive:1.         Auto-follow
2.         Auto like
3.         Auto comment
4.         Auto unfollow
5.         Activity filters


1-month Comment TrackerActual price: $9.99
What you will receive:1.         Mark as important
2.         Delete comments
3.         Reply to comments
4.         Mark as read
5.         Manage all in one look


1-month Direct MessageActual price: $14.99
What you will receive:1.         Send welcome message
2.         Send a message to followers
3.         Send a message to non-followers
4.         Send 80-120 messages per day
5.         Put an image on a message


1-month Post ManagerActual price: $9.99
What you will receive:1.         Fully posts management
2.         Scheduled posts
3.         Automatic posts
4.         Draft posts
5.         Unlimited posts to schedule

Depending on your needs or goals, either one of these personalized packages can get you a multitude of benefits. The Instagram Bot package is excellent for boosting followers and engagement rapidly. The Instagram comment tracker is great for managing all user comments, reading them, highlighting as necessary, or accessing comment history. The Direct Message tool is useful for those who want to be in touch at all times with their audiences, as it offers all sorts of automatic responses, including customized ones. The Post Manager package is excellent for those who require of help in regards to creating and managing the content shared via their Instagram account.

About Instazood

Instazood is an online business tool that focuses solely on qualitative and efficient services. The best thing about using this service is the fact that they always listen to their customer testimonials to better their services. Therefore, if you have an idea or a simple suggestion, you can leave a comment at Instazood, and a professional member of their team will assess such information. This business was born from a simple idea: helping Instagram users with their daily tasks. A professional team of online experts put the basis of the leading software that can boost any Instagram account, and better their online marketing campaigns.

Instazood Services Quality

So, before writing this review, we tried the free trial for the four packages available at Instazood. The first impression of this Instagram automation tool is that it is quite efficient. Everything is displayed in a clear, user-friendly manner, and, therefore, you are informed about what you will receive. The stats are simple to read, so you clearly know about how this tool performs on your account. What we enjoyed the most at Instazood, were the customized automatic responses, for which the AI tech did wonders. They seem so real that it is quite hard to guess you are actually interacting with a bot. Of course, the Instagram Bot did well, too, and we observed quite fast an increase in our pool of followers. The comment tracker and post manager were efficient, also. Still, we believe these two are especially useful for online marketers.

Instazood Pros & Cons


  • Amazing customer support.
  • Full control over several customization options that allow you to identify the best solution for your account’s particularities.
  • Instazood is mobile-friendly, which means you can manage your activity and results on mobile devices.
  • No download required – everything can be done online.
  • Several languages supported in Instazood dashboards.


  • When compared to similar providers, it can be inconvenient that you can buy only one month of this automation tool with one purchase. Still, some might see this as an advantage because you can quit the service without hassle if it doesn’t offer the promised results in 30 days.
  • No combination packages, meaning you will have to purchase one or more of their packages to receive all the results you want.

Do we recommend Instazood as the best automation tool for Instagram?

You can indeed find several Instagram bots online that can offer you an increase on an Instagram account’s activity. Still, we believe that Instazood is one of the most efficient and professional services you will purchase for such purposes. You get real results, while it is the go-to service for increasing subscribers, likes, video views, or comments.

Instazood Customer Support


 Option Ratings and comment

Support request

5 stars. Besides the vast array of information available in their Help Centre Page, you can easily submit a Ticket with a personalized info query. One of the staff members will address your request, nevertheless, you should be advised that the response time depends mostly on how many open requests they have. Overall, we gave five stars for the Support request section, as their team members appear to be knowledgeable and professionally trained.


5 stars. Their FAQ section consists of two pages: Basic FAQ and Activity FAQ. You can access a wide array of info ranging from necessary account creation steps to how to know the bot is working. Still, what we enjoyed most was the Tips & Tricks section, which proved to be useful due to the targeted information about how to use their packages and how to optimize Instazood for the best results.

Speed of response to requests

5 stars. Customer support is available 24/7. They guarantee you will receive professional technical assistance whenever you need it. And we’ve submitted a request, which was dealt with in less than 2 hours.
5 Users Reviews
  1. Nancy



    I needed fast growth for my followers’ pool, and Instazood was the really nice choice for me. After trying the three days trial, I purchased a 1-month package that got me several new followers, comments, and likes for my content.

  2. Max



    It is useful to have access to monthly packages, rather than being forced to purchase a three-month plan or a yearly one. It gets you flexibility, and a great tool for managing your Instagram activity.

  3. Maria



    Discovering the packages available at Instazood offered me the chance of properly managing my account. It is an excellent service, with real results, that can work wonders for any business niche you are in.

  4. Peter



    I wasn’t sure this was a reliable service, but I was pleasantly surprised when I received the results I was paying for. And besides this, the delivery was prompt, without any impediments. I really like the fact that I received a new pool of followers that is solely interested in my business niche.

  5. Oliver



    I always had a hard time tackling my competitors on Instagram. But with the aid of Instazood, I got simple access to several management tools while I benefited from the fantastic automatic direct message feature. This one made my potential customers interact more with my business, and ultimately increased my sales.

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