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InstaGrowing Overview is a popular English-language website that specializes in providing services for the Instagram social network. Having carefully analyzed the site, our experts concluded that InstaGrowing has a practical and comfortable interface to use, builds an affordable and competitive pricing policy, and also provides a wide range of services, including likes, followers, auto-likes, views, auto-views, comments, IGTV likes, IGTV views, and Story views.

The company has a high system of protection of user information – the obtained data is stored on an individual server and is not used for advertising or any other purposes. InstaGrowing conducts direct commercial activity, which provides for the provision of necessary services to all its customers, without distributing or reselling the information obtained during the ordering process, to third parties.

In addition, InstaGrowing has a reliable client guarantee, which provides for full compensation of the client’s costs if the service is of poor quality or completely absent for technical reasons or any other fault of the company. The high level of loyalty and the availability of reimbursement gives confidence that InstaGrowing acts in the interests of its users and closely monitors its reputation. For getting detailed information about the terms of cooperation with InstaGrowing, you can go to the site by clicking on the button below.

InstaGrowing Offers & Pricing

InstaGrowing boasts not only a large selection of services that were listed above but also a large assortment of packages that any customer with even the smallest budget can afford. Pricing policy of the site is based on the average price per unit of service relative to the entire market offers. However, this does not adversely affect the quality of services. Moreover, you can pay for the chosen service using Visa and MasterCard, or your Internet banking, and at the same time be completely confident in the security of your data.

Especially for you, we visualized the available services and payment for a certain package, so that you can better understand how beneficial the cooperation with this company is.

FollowersActual price
100 followers2.05$
500 followers4.79$
1000 followers7.19$
2500 followers15.99$
5000 followers31.99$
10000 followers63.99$
15000 followers92.79$
20000 followers127.19$
30000 followers159.99$
50000 followers239.99$
LikesActual price
100 followers1.5$
300 followers2.39$
500 followers3.19$
1000 followers5.99$
2500 followers9.99$
5000 followers13.59$
10000 followers23.99$
35000 followers47.99$
50000 followers63.99$
100000 followers79.99$
ViewsActual price
100 followers1.01$
500 followers1.89$
1000 followers2.89$
2500 followers5.99$
5000 followers9.99$
10000 followers16.99$
15000 followers24.99$
25000 followers38.99$
50000 followers59.99$
100000 followers78.99$

As you can see, the prices are very pleasant and affordable. Moreover, InstaGrowing provides a free trial version, thanks to which you can familiarize yourself with the company’s work system and evaluate the quality of likes, followers, views, etc., before placing an order. This nice bonus has disposed even more users to this paid service.

About InstaGrowing

Over the years, InstaGrowing has been successfully selling services to promote any Instagram page – be- no matter it is a personal or business account. Regardless of your goals, the company will be able to satisfy all your requests and needs as soon as possible.

The company has a team of specialists who constantly check the relevance and effectiveness of the marketing strategies used and can provide you with useful tips for improving your profile management. The main goal of InstaGrowing is to provide all its customers with quality services and to ensure that all stages of sending the ordered package are timely and at the highest level.

Each order passes an automatic confirmation and for several hours, you will receive the number of likes, followers, and views you selected in accordance with the paid package. You can also count on maximum protection of your personal data and be sure in the confidentiality of cooperation. Moreover, the InstaGrowing system works in such a way that everything will look natural since the ordered service is performed gradually, that is, if you order 500 followers, they will appear in portions within 24 hours, so no one even suspects that you use a paid service.

In addition, InstaGrowing provides the ability to distribute a package of services across multiple publications (maximum 10). This means that when ordering 1000 likes, you can send all likes both to a post, or distribute them between 10 posts, each of which will receive 100 likes.

InstaGrowing Services Quality

We especially carefully approached the issue of checking the quality of services since the success and effectiveness of promoting an Instagram account depends on it directly. To do this, we made an order for the basic services provided by the company, namely 1000 likes and followers, 100 views, and 50 comments, in order to understand the process better.

It took us only a couple of minutes to place an order because the interface of the site and the application form are very simple and straightforward, so there is no chance to make a mistake. We were also able to make a successful payment using our Internet banking (we have previously described all available payment methods, so you will always have a choice and you are unlikely to encounter any problems).

Within 2 hours after confirming the order, we began to receive the first followers. We want to make sure that all 1000 followers were real – that is, not a single empty or fake account, as well as a single bot. In the first 5 hours, 350-400 users were signed to our account and their number gradually increased. Another interesting feature was that after 2 weeks the number of followers remained. There was a similar story with likes and views, as their number under publications increased throughout the day. Comments were also very pleased with their neutrality, versatility, and ideally suitable content, as well as the fact that they came from active users, and not from newly created accounts. All this indicates a high-quality service and professional approach to work.

InstaGrowing Customer Support

Customer support was very pleased with its loyalty, quick work, and orientation to customer needs. At this stage, the support service works from Monday to Friday from 9 to 19 by British time zone, however, InstaGrowing plans to make improvements and make it possible to resolve any questions that may arise 24/7. But even despite the fact that such a service is unavailable now, the company does an excellent job with its work, as the support service has gathered competent specialists who are ready to come to your aid immediately and do everything possible to make you satisfied.

During the customer support check, we created an artificial problem with payment, having written a request that we have difficulties with completing an order. After a couple of minutes, we received a complete answer with all the detailed instructions and tips on what the problem might be. After successfully resolving a fictitious problem, a support worker found out if we needed any additional help and gave some useful and practical advice on how to improve our account promotion, and offered an interesting combination of several services that can contribute to increasing user interest in our publications.

InstaGrowing Pros & Cons

InstaGrowing has a good and simple site structure, convenient order form and a large number of positive feedbacks from users. The service offers services at a competitively low price.


  • great functionality;
  • quite deeply developed site;
  • many services;
  • availability of promotions and discounts;
  • excellent visualization of the order;
  • safe and reliable payment options;
  • ease of ordering services;
  • intuitive interface.

We did not find the obvious cons of InstaGrowing since the company has a lot of information about the reasons for which the user may not receive the ordered service. In most cases, this is due to the fact that the customer forgets to make the page public or closes the profile while services are sent (most often it concerns automatic likes and views), and also changes the nickname.

However, some users may find it a bad side that the company sometimes sends more likes, followers, views, and comments than the client ordered. However, personally, we do not consider this a minus as we think it is a small nice bonus. Sending slightly more followers, InstaGrowing explains that this service has a partially unstable feature. Just as in other companies, sent followers can unsubscribe over time, so InstaGrowing sends 5-10% more to eliminate possible unsubscribes.

5 Users Reviews
  1. Timothy



    Love this company! They deliver everything that they promise and I have never been upset with the results.

  2. Emilia



    After using this service for a while, I have yet to have any complaints. If I were to review anything, it would be their lack on online chat for customer support and slow responses.

  3. Eric



    You get what you pay for. Very low prices, very low expectations.

  4. Crystal



    I had such a great experience with Instagrowing. Within two minutes of my purchase, I received well over the promised amount of likes on my photo, and I didn’t even pay a lot! Their free options are great, and their paid ones are even better. Highly satisfied.

  5. Harper



    I stumbled upon Instagrowing when looking for a service that could boost my engagement. They were the most affordable service I can find but sadly, my bank wasn’t accepted and they didn’t have a Paypal option. Hope, soon they add more payment options.

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