Facebook Stories provide new opportunities for birthday


By Williams Robert

Facebook Stories provide new opportunities for birthday

Facebook is not only a popular and convenient platform for communicating with friends and family but also a great place to create unique reminders about important moments in life, one of which is a birthday. Publications related to birthday parties are among the most widespread throughout the world. Moreover, not so long ago, users received an excellent opportunity to create original, funny and vivid postcards, videos, photos and Facebook stories on the theme of the birthday. The result is an interactive and memorable greeting that can be worked on by all friends and relatives, who are far away on the other side of the planet.

Facebook statistics showed that over 500 million users post something new through Facebook Stories. This indicates a high level of involvement in the process of creating creative content, most often dedicated to the celebration of a birthday. Now, with the help of special tools, users can give free rein to their creativity and imagination, forming greetings from a series of funny pictures or video clips from previous joint celebrations. Such live postcards will help make the birthday party even more fabulous and unforgettable.

Creating congratulations does not require special skills and does not take much time. You only need to take a snapshot (video) or download an already made one from the gallery, or even just choose a greeting card from standard digital templates and write a heartfelt wish. Moreover, Facebook also gives you the opportunity to make music in the form of a fun themed song. Upon completion, the finished wish will be published in the birthday history of the birthday man, who will be able to see it as a personalized slideshow.

Birthday and bakery fun

May 10, 2019, was designated as the day of the launch of birthday stories. On this momentous day, Facebook collaborated with bakeries located throughout the United States and organized a grand celebration with free sweets. Also, the company bought FLOUR SHOP in New York, making it a personal bakery dedicated to the theme of Birthday Stories. Social network users got the opportunity to meet off-line, test and discuss the new function in a circle of people who are close in their interests and have fun.


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