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DownloadRank is a tool that allows downloading popular publications (both videos and photos) directly from an Instagram feed.

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What is DownloadRank?

This Instagram photo and video downloader helps people download publications from the Instagram social network. The tool is free and its main feature includes the opportunity to download photos by hashtags, locations and from separately chosen profiles. Also, a person can use batch photos downloading in the RAR archive.

How to Download Instagram Photos and Videos?


Choose the necessary mode

Several download modes are available: by hashtag, by individual photo, by location and by a specific account.


Fill in the download data

Choose an account, photo or hashtag for which you want to make a selection of publications for downloading.


Click on the “Select” button


Press “Select” and choose the publications that you want to be downloaded – photos or videos will be downloaded to your computer instantly.

Instagram Downloader FAQ

Where can I get a link to the required publication to download it if I use the application?

Getting a link to a specific post is a very simple process that does not require any special skill. You need to:

  • Open the publication in which you are interested (photo or video)
  • Click on the menu, which is represented in the form of three horizontal points
  • Select the “Copy link” function
Having successfully performed these uncomplicated actions, you should see a message confirming that the link has been copied and is now awaiting further use.

How does the download mode by location, hashtag or account work?

Our tool provides a unique opportunity to choose photos by hashtags, location or a particular person’s account. This functionality was created specifically for your convenience and greatly simplifies the process of finding and downloading the necessary photos from Instagram.

What type of publication should I download?

There are three types of publications that can be downloaded using our tool:

  • Photo: A regular photo
  • Video: A short video
  • Mix: Both photos and videos
The type is indicated next to each publication.

Can I download multiple publications in batches?

After you enter the data on location/account/hashtag, the option “Mark photos” will appear. It will allow you to download several publications at once.

How many photos or videos can I download?

You can choose maximum up to 30 photos and videos for simultaneous download. If you need more – just write to us and we will change the limits for you.

Is it possible to download publications in a large expand?

We have three photo sizes: 60x60, 640x640 and 1280x1280. Due the variety of sizes, you can download both the highest quality photos in a large expand and photos that take up little space.

Can I suggest an improvement for your tool if it is not suitable for me?

If you want to suggest any improvement to our tool, send your ideas [email protected] We would be happy to make it better if we can :)