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IGhashtags is a special tool that helps you to generate popular hashtags on a given topic in two clicks. The hashtag generator is completely free and able to increase the coverage of publications, whether it is a photo or video, on the Instagram social network in the shortest possible time.

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About Instagram Hashtags Generator

Our motivation was to replace the routine creation of hashtags. We are all well familiar with the difficulties of selecting similar hashtags, which are even remotely in meaning. From personal experience, having passed through hundreds of thousands of selected hashtags for our clients, we know how difficult and routine this process is. Honestly, sometimes it took us from 20 to 60 minutes to find at least some worthwhile similar hashtags.

We decided to take all the forces to create a service that can do the tedious work for us. Replace the endless waste of time and budget to find the necessary hashtags. That is how our IGhashtags tool appeared.

Now, we can proudly provide a service with which the generation of popular or similar hashtags will never be the same. Just try to use our IGhashtags and you will blow your mind in a convenient, unseen way to get a lot of likes and new followers!

How to Search Instagram Hashtags?


Choose the keyword or phrase that best describes your product.


Write it down in a special field. If there are several words, enter them separated by commas.


Click the “Create hashtag” button. The tool will take a few seconds to form the best hashtags for Instagram, generated based on the keywords you entered, which will help you to promote your account effectively.

Online Hashtags for Instagram FAQ

What topics are people most interested in when searching for hashtags?

The most trending topics include wedding, travel, fitness, and fashion themes, as well as contain searches about the days of the week – which hashtags are better to use on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and so on. Here are several most popular hashtags for each topic: #weddingday, #weddinginspiration, #traveltheworld, #travelawesome, #getfit, #fitlife, #fashionista, #fashionstyle, etc.

How does Instagram hashtags generator work?

To start using our tool for searching Instagram hashtags, simply type a word that relates to the theme of your page or photo in the search box, and then press the enter button. In a few seconds, you will see a list of hashtags that you can use for your posts or stories. Forming hashtags for you, IGhashtags takes the keyword you specified, adds the # character in front of the word, puts it in the Instagram search box and extracts a large number of suggested options along with the number of publications for each hashtag.

Who most often uses the hashtag search tool?

The hashtag search tool is very popular among all people, who really want to boost their account and become visible for a big audience. Even world-known companies, as well as already famous individuals, are using hashtags generator to widen the number of their fans. Therefore, there are specializations like hashtags for photographers, for beauty/ fitness/ food… bloggers, which help to promote pages for beginners.

How many hashtags on Instagram should I put?

Instagram posts with multiple hashtags increase engagement. So, do not be limited to only one hashtag and if it’s possible, use at least 11, but be sure to put your most important hashtag first. In general, you can put up to 30 hashtags, dividing them into groups: the main tags, tags by geolocation, and tags about what is depicted in the photo.

What are the top hashtags today?

Popular hashtags help to increase engagement, and highly specialized – to attract potential customers. Millions of posts have been marked with such hashtags, so use them to expand your reach, not forgetting the use of more specialized hashtags aimed at your target audience. Top 2019 hashtags include: #love, #instadaily, #selfie, #photooftheday, #fun, #followme, #smile, #summer, #instalike, #picoftheday, #fashion, #beautiful, #bestoftheday, #happy, #party, #fitness, #nature, #funny, #instamood, #life, #colorful, #model, #awesome, #makeup, etc.