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Promoting an account on the Instagram social network is a time-consuming task, so more and more people resort to using paid services. Our team created a list of the most attractive and popular companies that provide quality and real services that have a free trial for Instagram likes.

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1 is a popular English-language website that specializes in providing services for the Instagram social network.

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Stormlikes is an English-speaking company, founded in 2009 in the Stockholm, Sweden, and specializes only in providing services for Instagram.

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Mr.Insta is an American company that provides a wide range of services for such popular social networks like Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, TikTok, YouTube, Spotify, and SoundCloud.

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Why Are Services Providing Free Demos?

A large number of social signals play an important role in creating an attractive and trustworthy account. However, the process of promoting the page and strengthening its social presence requires a serious approach that takes a lot of time and effort. Unfortunately, even if you promote your account yourself, you cannot be sure of quick success. Moreover, not everyone has the opportunity to devote a lot of time to this business, so users who are seeking popularity increasingly use additional paid tools.

Since now there are many companies offering to increase your online presence, its becoming more difficult to determine the right and suitable booster. Moreover, when ordering paid social signals, the user can only rely on some kind of internal flair and take into account reviews about the service from other people. The worst thing is that you have no guarantees that you will receive quality service without fake accounts. That is one of the main reasons why many companies have started providing the opportunity to attract new customers by getting free likes on Instagram pictures. This is done to provide the user with the possibility of assessing the quality of the product and ensuring the openness of the company, and only after that make a paid order if the service has fully met all the wishes and preferences.

Thus, you get a great way to test the service, gain some social activity and also increase the number of likes under the selected picture in a quick and easy way, without paying a penny. On the other hand, the company also benefits, as it can clearly demonstrate its potential and trustworthiness.

How Can I Order Free Demo Likes?


Choose the company you like the most

Enter your account name and e-mail in a specially designated form. The name can be either in the full format (from or simply the name of the account – my-page. Each site has its specific requests, so follow directions accordingly.


Select the photos on which you want to get free likes

Important! Please note: if you want to get views on videos, use the section Free Instagram Views.


Confirm your email and get your likes

A confirmation link will be sent to your email. Follow instructions and wait to get your free social signals.

Free Likes FAQ

Do services request a password to send free likes?

Companies that value their reputation and really care about their customers never ask for an account password or other personal information that could compromise a user. Services providing paid social signals should ensure confidentiality and a high level of data protection. These things include storing data only on the company’s server without third-party access to this information or the complete absence of keeping logs of user actions.

How long does it usually take to get free likes?

Most often, the process of sending purchased social signals occurs in an instant since all processes are automated and do not require additional control from employees. However, in some cases, sending likes can take a couple of hours. This may be due to an unforeseen large number of orders in one period of time or because buying one of the large packages that cannot be sent as fast as you wish in view of the fact that it needs more complicated processing to make everything perfect. Anyway, you can be sure you will receive your service as soon as possible.

Can I get more likes?

Sites offer a different number of free social signals; however, usually you can get a 50 Instagram likes free trial, as this is the most popular package among the services on our list. Also, some companies can provide several trial packages from which to choose. It can be 10, 20, 30, 50 and even 100 likes. This is done so that each client can assess the quality of the service and choose the package that suits him/her most, because not everyone wants to get a lot of social signals on trial at once, even if they are completely free.

How can I buy paid likes if I like the free demo version?

If you like the free trial and want to get more social signals, in this case, you can always buy paid likes directly on the order page from the site that most satisfied your requests and provided the highest quality of services. To do this, you need to choose a suitable package and pay for it with a credit card or PayPal account. Each package has the option of sharing likes among different photos, which is called “Spread Likes to Multiple Posts” function.

What packages of paid likes are most worth buying?

Users buy different packages because everyone has his/her own goals. For some people, a small volume is totally enough, while others may want to get as many social signals as possible. Therefore, almost all sites offer a relatively similar variety of packages, ranging from 50 to 100,000 likes. Moreover, when you buy the more expensive package - the bigger the discount (relative to the cost per unit) you get. On average, people order 1K or 5K likes packages. Media personalities and stars prefer buying larger ones, such as 100K likes and more. However, you can always choose the number of likes that best suits your needs. If you cannot decide on the package that you need, you can contact the company’s support service to help you find the most suitable option for you.

Is it possible to use the service several times?

In most cases, a free demo version is designed only for one-time use per account. However, some companies provide free likes once a day. Yes, you understood that correctly – you have the opportunity to receive a certain number of likes every day…for free. You do not need to provide any personal data or pay for anything. The only thing that may be required is taking a simple social survey (or something like that). It will not take you more than a couple of minutes, but you can gradually promote your Instagram account every day.

Can I suggest an improvement for your tool if it is not comfortable enough for me?

If you want to suggest an improvement to our tool, send your ideas to [email protected] We will be happy to make it better :)

Let’s Sum Up

Instagram likes is a fairly effective way to promote a page, regardless of whether it is a personal or business account. Having gained a sufficient number of likes in a short time, the publication falls into the TOP of the hashtags, where it will be seen by millions of users. Moreover, the presence of a large number of likes is one of the most important types of popularization of any profile. Instagram promotion cannot be gained without receiving a certain amount of social signals. Increasing this figure, you can both show off your achievement to your friends and lift up the record in the search feed results.

Thus, if you want to see high activity on the profile, but you do not have enough time to promote your account, then paid likes will become your lifeline. For those who doubt the need to use paid services, there are free demos. Their presence is due to the need to acquaint users with new opportunities, as well as to demonstrate the effectiveness of the exact company, its team and the methods it uses. Also, it will help build trusting and mutually beneficial relationships between the potential client and the service.

Terms of Service Use

Usually, companies provide the same rules for the use of their services, which are simple to implement and do not burden the user. Thus, in order to test the free trial, you need to enter your real e-mail, where you will receive a link with confirmation. All you have to do is click on the link and wait for your free service to arrive.

For users who are interested in obtaining additional free likes, there is a chance to take advantage of this opportunity by subscribing to a company’s Facebook page. For more detailed information, you can always contact the support service, the data of which you will find on the main website of the company you like.

Other products that are provided in the free demo

Instagram likes are not the only social signals that are important for successful account development. Instagram followers and video views also play an important role. Therefore, companies provide additional services that include a free followers trial and a free video views trial as well.

  • Instagram followers. A large number of followers is an important element in the successful promotion of any account. When a user enters your profile and sees 10,000 (or more) subscribers, the probability of a subscription increases 10 times. The more subscribers you have, the more popular and noticeable you look compared to other profiles. However, the right strategy to attract high-quality subscribers is not an easy process, so you can get help from real professionals and even try a free trial before making any purchase.
  • Instagram video views. Views are a replacement for likes under video posts. The number of views directly depends on the number of real subscribers to your page: if the number of followers is large and the number of views under the video is small, it is clear that something is wrong. The number of views demonstrates how wide your audience, as well as shows the level of your traffic activity.

We hope you can find a company that suits you as much as possible among all the range of sites we have presented on this page. Also, thanks to free demo versions, you will be able to boost your account significantly at the initial stages of testing services. We wish you many social signals and new original ideas for your business!